Vacation Experiences

Vacations are a respite from everyday cares and a time to enjoy the glories of the seasons, from changing leaves to the feeling sunshine after a long winter. At Little Brothers, vacations are provided at no cost to the elders in our programs, and volunteers and staff provide all needed transportation.

Vacations at Audrey's House

We provide four-day, three-night vacations away for elders at Audrey's House, our elder vacation retreat in Batavia, Illinois. Whether seniors participate in every activity, from boat rides to touring, or sit and chat with volunteers, new friendships and memories are made every day. Just like we all would, many elders start anticipating the next vacation as soon as they return home! 

Summer in the City Outings

Some elders can’t leave the city overnight. Our Summer in the City Program is one way we provide elders an opportunity to enjoy all that Chicago has to offer during this season. Outings, complete with transportation, allow elders to spend the day at the zoo, picnic at the lakefront, enjoy a spa day, or fish in the park. Some elders even take a day trip out to Audrey's House. Like our “away” vacations, these day-long getaways forge friendships and build memories. 

In-home Vacations

Because of mobility or health issues, some elders are unable to participate in a vacation experience outside the home. For those elders, we provide in-home vacation experiences, like an indoor picnic (complete with plastic ants) or an at-home spa day. Volunteers bring “vacation kits” to an elder based on the elder’s interests, and a good time is had by all!

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