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At the Holidays

For most of us, the holidays are a time to spend with family or friends. For some, if family has passed on or live far away, holidays can be a hard time. We work with volunteers to ensure that everyone has a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, whether at a party or with a personal home visit on the holiday.

Holiday Parties

Thanksgiving and Christmas Day parties allow seniors to celebrate family style in three locations around the city every year.  Music, food, games and fun abound.  The most important element of the day, however, is the conversation that seniors have with their volunteer drivers and the new people they meet at the event.

Holiday Home Delivered Meals

For seniors who are not able to come out, we offer home delivered meals with the full feast and trimmings, complete with a lovely plant.  On Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, our volunteers log hundreds of miles all together to make sure that everyone has a good meal and spends time talking with a friendly visitor on the holiday. 

Holiday Nursing Home Visits

For elders living in nursing homes, Little Brothers staff and volunteers make special visits on or before the holiday to wish these elders well and provide food and mementos. Nursing Home Visits are an opportunity for volunteers to bring joy, flowers and a reminder of friendship.

Holiday Gift Program

Every year, we work with hundreds of volunteers and groups to provide a personal gift for each elder at Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly.  Throughout the year, volunteers and staff compile a list of gifts for elders based on what they want and need. Then during the holiday season, donors purchase gifts ranging from baskets of fresh fruit to a new toaster. Each gift is lovingly wrapped at Little Brothers and personally delivered by a volunteer or staff member as part of a friendly visit. Some elders open their gifts immediately; others put them carefully aside waiting for the big day!

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Celebrating Year Round

Every month, no matter the weather or season, we provide opportunities for elders to celebrate friendship. With the help of volunteers, we provide rides to these parties.  And if an elder is homebound and can’t attend, we visit the elder at his or her home with a celebration designed just for them.

Wednesday Luncheons

Wednesday Luncheons are held throughout the year with food, conversation and entertainment.  Themes like Halloween or Cinco de Mayo add to the festive experience.

In-Home Celebrations

We bring In-Home Celebrations to those elders who are homebound.  We bring elders a treat, such as a book, snack or magazine, to brighten their day.  For most elders, the chance to have a conversation and reminisce with a friend is the most important part of the celebration.

“Family Reunions”

Everyone can have a Family Reunion at Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly.  Family Reunion parties bring elders who live in the same geographic community, along with volunteers and staff, together to build new friendships or connect with friends they met at past celebrations.

Birthday Parties

We host monthly Birthday Parties for our elders who celebrate a birthday that month.  Cake, lunch, fresh flowers and (of course) presents keep the parties memorable.  For elders who are homebound, we provide In-Home Birthday Visits, bringing a personalized gift, a birthday cupcake and other goodies to celebrate an elder’s special day.


One of the joys of belonging at Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly is participating in an outing, like a trip to see a play, a lunch out or simply a walk in the park.

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