Elder Holiday Gift Program

We will give over 1,000 elders gifts this holiday season!

Each year, we give personalized gifts to our elders during the holiday season. Volunteers listen carefully during visits and conversations for clues about what an elder needs or wants. Elders ask for a variety of things, such as a cozy sweater, a toaster, a throw blanket or a gift card to buy special food items. Receiving a holiday gift touches our elders deeply, and being able to request what they need or want makes the gift that much more memorable and fulfilling.

We would like all gifts to be brought to Little Brothers as soon as possible. They will be wrapped and delivered by volunteers to elders all over the city.

There are several ways to get involved: 

  1. Sign-up to purchase a special gift for an elder by completing this quick form.
  2. Donate to purchase gift cards or special gifts for elders.
  3. Become a volunteer and deliver gifts and holiday cheer to elders.

Have a question? Check out our FAQ page!

You can also brighten an elder's holiday with a box of chocolates! We are collecting half-pound and sugar-free boxes of chocolates to be given in addition to holiday gifts. These treats are appreciated and savored by our elders, especially if they are homebound or living in a nursing home. If you'd like to donate chocolates, please email Christine Bertrand, Holiday Gift Program Coordinator.


You can help!

Sign-up to purchase a gift (details to the left).


Shop for the gift, and bring it unwrapped to Little Brothers as soon as possible.


Want to deliver your gifts? Volunteer!

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